Meet Stacy

Meet Stacy

I’m Stacy and I’m so glad you found my recipes on Spice and Stiletto!  This is my hobby blog that I enjoy creating and sharing in my spare time.  Cooking for family and friends and experimenting with new recipes are some of my favorite things to do.  These recipes are inspired by those same family and friends who enjoy my cooking, baking, experimenting, and having fun in the kitchen.

My biggest inspiration for making all kinds of delicious meals is my mom, Joann.  I have always loved to cook and bake, but I definitely credit my wonderful mother with inspiring me to make amazing food and to learn family recipes, and to always experiment and use what I have to make something fun and interesting.  mom cooking thanksgiving turkey in sitos apronHow cute is this photo of her on Thanksgiving one year with the giant turkey she made everyone?! She is definitely my culinary spirit animal, and of course everything she makes always comes out perfect.  Anytime I have a recipe in mind or a new ingredient I want to use I ask her advice and honest opinion (she is always honest!).

I have a wonderful Syrian family and food is so important to us, and to me.  Hospitality centering around food is #1 in our culture – you’ll never go to a Middle Eastern girl’s house without expecting a ton of food and a lot of leftovers!



I am the oldest sibling of three (oldest and shortest!) with a younger sister and brother, and between us and my parents we are always eating. My sister Kelly sometimes helps me in the kitchen, but 9/10 times she ends up becoming the taste tester instead!  Growing up, family dinners together at the table were a constant and something I enjoyed.  One of my favorite little things in life is to eat at the dinner table with my family and enjoy a meal, and to share stories the whole way through (I’m never short on stories).



I am from the wonderful little town of Simi Valley, CA but am now in sunny San Diego.  Since I moved here I met my amazing and handsome husband, Eli, and we both enjoy cooking, especially together.  Eli is a great chef and mixologist and he often cooks for me when I’m not trying a new recipe.  eli cooking in the kitchenHe gives me inspiration for different techniques and always helps with photography, which he is wonderful at.  We come from completely different cultures with unique cuisines but we both love different types of food, and Eli loves everything I make!

I love making dishes that are enjoyable to cook with ingredients that don’t break the bank and are mostly healthy, sometimes sweet, but always tasty!  Cooking is my favorite way to experiment with different ideas and I hope you feel the same after trying my recipes.

I hope you find these recipes not too difficult, delicious and fun to make, and hopefully you will enjoy them for any occasion. From my little kitchen to yours: always keep it spiced up and fabulous! 


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